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Week that wasPosted by Fiona MacCarthy Sun, March 05, 2017 07:35:52
At Sanctuary house yesterday, I had nail-art inspiration in the form of the above from an on-line picture of half Yellow vertical block covering half the nail with adjoining black white stripes. To avoid looking like a mutant bee, the Green moved in and non-symmetrical pattern applied. As St Patricks day of Friday 17th is before my next appointment and as I arrived on St P day in 2002, its a nice combo of Irish roots and Newcastle home (the football colours are B&W - for the slower!!).

Last weekend was back in Ireland for Saturday - Tuesday for the "month's mind" for my mother who died 7 weeks earlier on 14th January: How time flies and slowly heals although healing is rather non-linear but the trend is the right way. The family gathering at and after mass (dont do many of those) was very cathartic and it was strongly supportive of a steadily developing positive outlook. Spent 2 days with my sisters at Mum's home to sort and share those items from our 5 decades (approx) shared times. Some items are now in their new home whilst others will arrive next Sunday. Funny how some just fit right in as if they always lived here and others are like waving:at me.

Pursuits of the mind have been scarce this past fortnight but will re-engage with local offerings this week (to come). Bacchus inspired pursuits were too dominant last weekend.Liked the quote from the linked wikipedia article about the months mind from Bede "survivals of the Norse minne, or ceremonial drinking to the dead".

Continue to look for next work contract but my mind is becoming more focused and less emotional: Clearer maybe even like that of a bee. Plenty of work out there but one must have done the near same role very very recently. Being professional interim does not sell in most places as hamsters preferred. Have now got a refined plan for that.

Yoga and walking provide either stretch that body or let the wind blow cobwebs from the mind. Recent reading suggests that the "mind" is not just the brain but a greater spatial occupier. Both very therapeutic and still thinking about mind.

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Posted by Marilyn Thewlis Sun, March 05, 2017 10:32:57

As always Fiona beautifully written ,interesting and touching.