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Darkness lightens

Week that wasPosted by Fiona MacCarthy Sun, February 19, 2017 07:40:27
Picture is from my latest fortnightly visit to the creative Christine at Sanctuary House. idea found by nail guru me on-line of course.

The topic of the music lecture this week from the Explore programme ( was the composer John Cage whose style was best exemplified by the quote "Everything has its own spirit which can be released by setting it to vibrate". His use of chance in itself promoting the concept of risk, such as involving the I Ching to frame compositions or the creative 4'33" work which encourages us to "listen" in the extreme. My own summation is that sound is all around us and it is to us to provide context structure and extract pleasure.

Enjoyed Denzel Washington's adaptation of August Wilson's stage play "Fences" about a dysfunctional and very non rare family set in the 1950's Racist USA. Disappointed dreams of the father Troy (Washington) who has replaced love with automaton duty, is conditioned by the racial roles of the time and seeks to impose his values and distrust of sport upon his youngest son who has the same sports genes but less confined by walls or fences than his father. The conflict between the two is realistically harsh. His wife played by Viola Davis struggles to bind the family and is a delight to watch. The dialogue of the script is a gem to the ear. My assessment 8/10.

Later this Sunday I start a 2nd yoga class which I hope will complement my long running (no run!!) saturday session and returns me to where I was in 2015 with 2 classes per week. This body needs love and care.

Busy week, work search but no interviews yet. Continue and expand approach next week. No worries.

Off to Ireland next weekend for a Mass in Waterford on Sunday for my mother and then to her former home on Monday/tuesday in Navan to sort out some things. The growing daylight in the morning mirrors my own lightening of mood but dark days intrude too sometime.

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