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Blog restarted

Week that wasPosted by Fiona MacCarthy Sun, February 12, 2017 07:20:24
A few weeks ago, this picture was taken of me whilst waiting at Agra rail station en route to Varanasi: a minor 12 hour overnight journey officially (Northern India if you must ask and my website has my notes and pictures). There were some seasonal delays in services due to fog but I was thinking and making plans whilst reclining on my rucksack under the protective covering of my sunhat at approx 8pm.

Back home in North Shields now, its time to make those plans real.

Firstly I am actively engaged in looking for a new work contract to replace last year's excellent contract at Goldsmiths University in London. No longer bound to the beautiful North East but free to apply my skills wherever I can source good meaningful and intelligent fairly paid work. (not too much of latter nearby but there is some). But here is "Home".

Secondly, I am continuing my interest in what is artistic and or educational in its broader sense. This week I have been lucky to enjoy

The German black comedy Toni Erdmann with its sensitive observations about an unhappy relationship between joke making father and work focused ambitious daughter. At nearly 3 hours its a longer than normal movie but such is the quality of the script and performance of the father daughter actors that its a joy of a movie 8/10 for me.

Also enjoyed but not as much T2 Trainspotting a follow up of the classic movie from 20 years ago. The acting is excellent, the script slow moving for the first half in explaining what happened so long back which I my opinion could have been sped up with a different technique for explaining the past. Its 4 lads now Mark, Simon, Frankie and Spud with the latter making the biggest steps in life following advice from Mark that he has to replace his heroin addiction with a different and better addiction. A lesson that can be applied to any other bad habits we may have which im working at (not the heroin bit!!). 7/10 for me.

A very thought provoking exhibition at the Baltic by Italian artist Monica Bonvicini, made much better by a 1-1 guided tour by a staff member. One floor is the big installation and painting works and loved the variety of techniques applied and in particular the use of drip paint in the 2 colour paintings of buildings in USA following various natural disasters. The 2nd floor of her work focused on control including various displays of bondage gear in everyday shapes. That was also good <smile>.

A lecture as part of the Explore (WeAreExplore) programme on the use of forms of Jazz music (broader sense rather than purist whom I think get it wrong by too narrow definition) by classical composers including Shostakovich (eg Tahiti Trot), Gershwin (eg Rhapsody in Blue), and Darius Milhaud (La creation du Mond), not to forget Ravel and Walton amongst other. The start of this Jazzy thing was of course back in Ragtime and loved the sounds of Scott Joplin to shade the blank canvas as my mind was rather blank on the matter at the start of the lecture.

Northern stage is one of my favourite theatres and Mary Shelley's Frankenstein a stirring imprint upon my childhood brain. I was therefore expecting to enjoy as I did Dr Frankenstein directed by Lorne Campbell and Polly Frame playing Victoria a female version of the Victor of old. Excellent acting and I especially enjoyed the "dream" scenes blending so magically with reality. The themes of where life begins and ends as well as taking responsibility for our actions are ageless but more complicated with Science. So appropriate as we create more complex and therefore more "human type" robots.

Live music excursions to the Exchange last Sunday for the monthly (1st sunday) musicians playing their own compositions rather than covers followed by the Boneshakers at the Maggie which following the departure of the manager seems to have shut its doors this week (was closed saturday night 10.30pm), and no future music listing on display as is normal. Will check out today but it will be a sad miss to the live music scene and more so being 100 yards from my back door.

Bucket list of short and longer holiday destinations taking shapes as well as other plans for the next 2 decades or so. Life is too short

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