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Autumn Arrives (6th weekend in L)

Week that wasPosted by Fiona MacCarthy Sun, September 18, 2016 10:57:35

Autumn arrives

Time is moving on and whilst I have enjoyed much in this fascinating city I realise I have barely touched the surfaces.

Some venues have seen my footprints far more than others.

Back at the Tate for the modern art collection. Picasso’s 3 dancers great painting indeed but Dali’s Metamorphosis of Narcissus the one that hit my brain full on. Dazzling creativity. The range of paintings, the variety of styles, the output of such talent. A nice haven from the crowds is the balcony in the members area facing the river where one can sip and savour a flavoured waterey refreshment at 350 pence or so whilst enjoying a fabulous view. The frequency of visits to the non free parts of this venue have paid for the annual fee.

My other frequent favourite is the British Museum and this weekend I enjoyed free tours of the “Japan” collection (note this is also an air-conditioned room far up and away from the sweltering (korea and Inca rooms too provide respite when London gets hot). The 2nd free tour was of Sassanian glassware which prompted a time check as to century. From 250-600AD/CE and strung between Syria and Iran was a powerful and rich empire. Yes the old glasses and bowls impressive but it was the small coloured glass perfume bottles that caught my eye. Small enough to be enclosed in a fist, they were such a personal touch from a time so distant. My perfume bottles will not last so long!.

Back to live Comedy and this time at Comedy Carnival at Club rumba next to Trocadero. Friendly intimate more personal and distinctly cheaper (£16 entrance on Saturday and change from £20 for a bottle of wine). I laughed from beginning to end and eyes filled with water several times as a range of varied and talented comedians pushed various boundaries of humour. Much preferable to the Comedy Store nearby.

Do the crowds never give up. Every street so busy, every table occupied, bars boldly busy.

National Gallery for the George Shaw exhibition. Detailed paintings particularly of trees in enamel. The rest of the Gallery will be explored in instalments as will the Portrait gallery nearby who have daily talks on specific paintings and occasional musical recitals.. More work lol

My 3rd and final visit of this years Proms was #72 (previously 37/57) and as close to the Last as I could get.

Woody Allen’s Café Society seemed auto biographical in style, well acted, beautifully filmed and costumed and with a ¾ dazzling script.

Ron Howards documentary on the Beatles Eight days a week was very enjoyable and technically they have done magic with old images. Ringo’s comment about how poor the sound systems were in the USA where they frequently played over the staium tanoy system was hilarious. He had to watch the movements of Paul’s arse to work out where they were in the song. They were good at songwriting, professionally packaged to perfection and incredibly close knit team of four.

Andrew Neil chaired a session on plotical landscape of Britain post Brexit vote. Anatole Kaletsky (doom), Liam Halligan (optimistic), Chris Darbyshire (on fence) Claer Barrett (no views of note) were united in not being sure of their facts. Why anyone would talk before Andrew without fact checking beats me.

Next fortnight

Cosi fan tutte, Tate talk on Georgia O K, British Museum talks on Egyptian wisdom and their new SA art and a New Statesman/ Goldsmiths lecture. Those booked must fill in the gaps lol

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