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Last Summer Bank Holiday (5th weekend in L)

Week that wasPosted by Fiona MacCarthy Sun, September 18, 2016 10:55:39

Last Bank Holiday of Summer

Comedy Store in central London was my first London Comedy night out. It was slick professional and pricey. The comedy was no better than that which I have experienced at the Stand, Newcastle although maybe the best were all at Edinburgh this weekend. Jammed pack in rows of seats that would make Ryanairs Michael blush. I laughed of course. But at £26 for ticket, nearly £25 for bottle of wine and £12 approx for a steak sandwich, it aint cheap. My normal prices at Stand are £12 entrance Saturday (£6 Friday for same acts with annual membership £30) and change from £20 for a bottle of wine (quality comparable).

An earlier visit to the Tate which is another venue to be explored slowly revealed the photographic works of the Finnish Konttinen based in Byker from 69-77 recording the British working class. She clearly was welcomed into the homes of many and her pictures are natural, professional and a historic record.

Walking in Hampstead was part of my series of Sunday walks via “London walks” where one turns up at a Tube station at a certain time, no booking, pay a £10 for 2 hours guided walk. Hampstead is quaint, perched on a hill to the North, pretty and pricey. Ridley Scotts 30 room home was sold for £28m. I find the idea of £1m per room supportive of the idea of keep the plebs out. In a local pub that seemed to have missed the gastro pub paint brush a Sunday lunch was enjoyed at £12 whilst a woman from up north (Manchester me thinks) quibbled about the price of a half pint saying that for same £2.40 she’d get a pint and more back home. The east European staff could not care less, nor could I.

A tour of Westminster Abbey on Sunday was moving beyond belief. The introduction included the memorial to the unknown soldier and the story was relayed by our Guide in a way that moved tears to cheek with ease. In a place that hosts remains and records of so many powerful and famous it was the death of a single symbolic soldier that made the most impact. Id like some of my ashes scattered in the quiet cloistered area. My ghost will have much to learn as night falls and spirits mingle.

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