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Just about mePosted by Fiona MacCarthy Tue, December 26, 2017 15:08:55
Thoughts on Christmas, present.

First Christmas without my mother. Strange isolation tempered slightly by reusing last years christmas card from her. Inked words reignited in loving sentiment.

First ever Christmas tree populated by decorations from my mothers tree which in turn was populated by my Dad before he died in 2007. Never felt inclined before, although boxed decorations probably screaming "love me" "use me" and glitter brightly for being warmed by warming hands and defrosting heart.

First Christmas without my godmother Rosemary whose wisdom and peacebroking most missed.

First Christmas bauble bought. aaahhhh an addiction: a new one!. who knows.

Strange festival for an atheist with stranger cold close family relations contrasted with blossoming warming friendships with several cousins.

The rampant crass crude commercialisation inflaming passions of anti-fest.

Craving simplicity and purity of solid personal friendships renewed and strengthened in ignorance of the con-comm-fest.

Happy and sad, reflective and contemplative. Purposeful and stronger. Yes; strange few days.

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