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Food Festival, Bandwidth, Zebras & Immigrants

Week that wasPosted by Fiona MacCarthy Sun, March 19, 2017 07:14:29
Immigrants & I

On the evening of 16th March 2002 I boarded a plane in Lagos Nigeria, bringing to an end 18 years of life upon the African continent and bound for London where I arrived in the early hours of Sunday 17th March which you may recognise as St Patricks day, an immigrant to this wonderful country. I therefore found the speech by the Irish PM Enda Kenny in the presence of Trump most touching and heart warming as he talked about immigrants. (Consensus on Patrick is that he was from Wales, captured enslaved, freed and returned to bring Christianity). It has been the most impressive political leadership riposte to the ignorance of the leader of the USA.


Certain Women (9/10 in my opinion) was a delightful movie of 3 stories about 4 women in a rural setting of the American North West directed skilfully by Kelly Reichardt. Excellent acting of the ordinary lives of these women seeking to realise ambitions and dreams, explored sensitively. The first two stories reflecting frustrations of working and living in a male dominated society (not a historical movie either) whilst the last story explores the friendship of two very different women thrown together by accident of classroom.

Lion (6/10) as directed by Garth Davis is a heart touching true tale of a boy lost on the Indian railway system, adopted by Australian parents who don’t want their own children (they adopt two). Searching his own roots at University prompted by other non Australian born he (Dev Patel playing adult role) uses Google maps to track down the village he came from. Some scenes with Nicole Kidman are excellent but it is boy-Saroo played by Sunny Pawar that steals one’s heart with his expression and acting. A great movie for Christmas time on the sofa.

“Van Dyck and the artists Eye” at the Laing Gallery was good show of paintings by artists of themselves including the approximately 1640 Van Dyck painting and a Picasso too.

Robert Rauschenberg at the Tate Modern was mind blowing in showing his versatility, skill and in my opinion his humour. Variety of subject matter, materials used and scale of work from his 6 decades of work frequently took my breath away or just brought a big smile to my face. Eg the stuffed angora goat.

Food Festival, Bandwidth, Shekels, Rugby.

Hosting a Food Festival upon Fish Quay North Shields in the 2nd weekend of March was the outcome of a meeting of minds of an optimist with a lunatic. Saturday was damp drizzly misery forcing a happy adjournment to a local hostelry (Low Lights) for several hours. Sunday brought inspiring freshness of air and sunshine to allow exploration of small range of stalls and standardised options. The sign for chai tea lured me to one but there was no “masala chai” to refresh memories of my Indian adventures. Hopefully the show will return in future years in warmer times and on a bigger scale.

Off to London last week on Tuesday for 3 days followed by a trip to Manchester on Friday, to meet various Agencies and “rocketise” my contract search and shekel-search (ancient use not modern intended) for life and holidays. I admit to not being 100% these past weeks in my emotional state of mind but am getting to where I want and need to be and where my “elevator pitch” is pitch perfect. At one of my meetings this week a non-young agent said I had “bandwidth” and before I used my talons to pop his eyeballs onto my perverse-pool-playing surface in response to references to elastic/ ated waistlines insults as inferred to my mind scanning all wavelengths but missing the right tune. He was referring of course to my breadth of experience rather than being specialised in a micro segment of accounting which is the norm now. But there are roles for those such as I with “bandwidth” (of skills) he assured me. I am more confident than before.

Last weekend saw a van arrive at my door with various family heirlooms including my mothers dressing table. All items welcomed displayed hung (if needed) housed etc and that concludes that phase of a rather rocky nine weeks. Shared pictures from my sister of my mothers home now listed for sale shows a very empty house and home. Mine is delightfully crowded and very homely. Thank you Mum.


Yesterday brought to an end that great competition of rugby rivalry: Six Nations. Ireland have been inconsistent and England consistent but unexciting. I was not optimistic but certainly not as pessimistic as implied by Austin Healeys (an Englishman) prediction of a 23 point victory by England. Ireland played with perfect clinical passion against an uninspiring England winning 13-9 scoring the only try of the match.

England also won the womens version of this same competition and the Table sequence was the same as the Mens being in sequence Eng, Ire, Fra, Sco, Wal, Ita. wonder the odds on that.

Nail Art
Classy Red meeting wild graceful zebra (aka merger african past my present)

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