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melodies of notes and love

Week that wasPosted by Fiona MacCarthy Wed, June 22, 2016 22:07:44

A musical weekend with The Force on Friday and then “Big Red and the Grinners” (Sunday) providing good quality live music entertainment and pleasure in my local home pub, the Maggie Bank. I am firm in the opinion that the absence of live music is a poorer place to live. Sub optimal in extremis. Both bands were energetic, professional and left me feeling much happier for enjoying their magical touches.

In the middle of last week (Tuesday) I was very fortunate to attend and enjoy some great entertainment from Paul Cassidy at Goldsmiths; Frederic Chopin Ballades 1&2 and a new composer to me Frederic Rzewski born 1936 Ballades 3&4. Great contrast, great talent and great luck to be there.

Mikado by Scottish opera at Theatre Royal Newcastle was a dilemma in entertainment. It offered ingredients of pantomime, predictable lines eg “Yum Yum” as the main female lead and whose humour from aging magician playing touch bum with young female assistant was more in Carry on mode. Or maybe carry on just adopted the great scripting and lazily enjoyable music of Gilbert & Sullivan. Skilful, professional but so dated despite some efforts to make it au-jour (to the present day if my French is awful)

More recently I enjoyed intensively the delightful movie Tale of Tales, an extraordinarily creative trilogy of fantasia and imagination. There was plenty of material for plenty of discussion and I do wish I had seen this with an equally adventurous imaginative friend. Skip here if you plan to see.

For me the tale of the 2 brothers born, of selfish maternal love at all costs to have a child and then create 2 by sorcery. Their love for each other proved stronger and overcame the other one sided love of the warped mother.

The Princess in hope of love who is married off by a father more in love with a flea than her to an ogre of great physicality but no love, she wins, forgives father and becomes queen.

The two sisters in aged support and gentle but eventually cruel rivalry. The twist was the rich bloke fooled into accepting into his bed one of the old women , then realising his error trying murder before falling in love with the reincarnated but now younger woman. But she loses her youthful skin and runs away. Love is more than physical although that is oft the spark.

True love is stronger than selfish love. Embrace. (okay I will xxx)

Typed as Ireland beat Italy and go through to next round. FANTASTIC only saw the replays as I typed lol
Wednesday 26th June, 2016

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