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Week that wasPosted by Fiona MacCarthy Sun, January 24, 2016 08:51:01

My descent to reality this week was as rapid as my plane landing at Manchester last Sunday and took place on Monday morning after a chilly darkness encased breakfast

Warm clothes including headwear of a non-sunny disposition, boots and gloves litter my hallway with a strange familiarity that is a million miles away from 8 days ago when insect repellent and sunhat were to hand, to head,

This week I occasionally look at my feet as the tan marks of my sandals tell a tale of warmer days and tanned parts fade.

Back to several pre-Christmas routines such as yoga in full swing with a great and difficult class yesterday as my lazy body collided with ambition beyond stretchability and another in an hour. Musical pub excursions resumed too. Strange having both topics in same paragraph.

My mind is being re-engaged with activities other than beach bargaining and converting Dalasis to £. Strange having..... !

On Tuesday my music class this Season as part of a series on musical interpretations of Shakespeare looked at the music of West Side Story with delightful recordings of Bernstein in rehearsals with his stars and team as he looked for artistic perfection in a recording. “Take 123” etc. was of note. The search for Peurto Ricans who could sing dance and act the challenge in this interpretation of Romeo and Juliet with a gang culture immigrant twist.

Yesterday I went to a wonderful one off lecture on the sagas of the Icelanders with reference to the surviving manuscripts from 600 to 800 years ago. The prose style as vivid in use then as it is now, as they recorded on paper their long standing stories from their oral tradition. We looked at the origin of settlements, the impact of early Irish hermits’ pre 8th century followed by Norse from 800CE onwards. Celtic DNA features strongly on the female side suggesting slaves captured on raiding trips to Ireland and elsewhere on the periphery of the UK. Their exploration trips to north east America interestingly in tandem to Irish theories on who got there from Europe before Columbus. We Iris claim that. Yes sounds like another country (Iceland that is) to add to my plans when warmth not on the holiday agenda.

Sat in last night and decided in consequence to watch War Horse which Id not seen in film or stage before due to no planned fault. Great acting by the lead horse “Joey” and then discovered that 14 horses played joey of which 8 was whilst he was an adult. I was saddened to have my naïve assumption of a single horse, knackered by fact in the hands of a great story teller of the current day; Spielberg. Cannot criticise him too much when I am gentler and equally fascinated by the ancient writers from Iceland.

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