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Smashing 60!

Week that wasPosted by Fiona MacCarthy Sun, December 20, 2015 11:50:27

Smashing 60!

It’s been a delightful festive season this month of catching up with friends and colleagues from the past and last night was another delightful night in local places cos that sure does beat the taxi craze.

A quiet drink at Charlies (not my fav place but the group I was with more than made up for it), before sailing forth on a wave of rain that abated on cue for a wonderful quality meal The Staith House: the Christmas choice menu a delight of pleasures and one of the most challenging chocolate desserts no light and fluffy here but rich penetrating dark taste. The only disappointment of the place is the price of the wine which despite the quality of its house wines was off-putting on the wine list itself. The fact that most of the price goes in taxes rather than the provider is niggling at a time of giving. From there we wondered the short distance to Low Lights which was chock a block with good cheer great laughter lovely folk and fair quality wines at non sobering prices.

A piles of laughs enjoyed at Stand comedy on Friday night where a great line up concluding with Carl Hutchinson who has a wonderful stage presence and a way of telling stories that is artful. Too many comedians like to laugh at others but those that have the courage to laugh at themselves via their humour are the best for me.

Finished my work contract at QE Gateshead this Friday past and the NHS accounting processes bring most of its pain upon itself. It could learn so much from simplification of financial processes that would improve efficiencies, reduce costs and generate more meaningful information. Great learning and made some good contributions made during my assignment. Updating this week my marketing CV and will be circulating it and the more conventional CV to agencies before Christmas shut down. It’s a right real shutdown for all but retail staff and front line public sector. If you are working right through and not one of those and would like to correct my generalisation, please write longhand.

Christmas day this week will be a quiet day but not a lonely day as is my preference. There is so much socially in and around this time of year that I enjoy it all.

Will use the next 2 weeks to put in place plans for the New Year and the first 3-4 months in particular. More importantly to relax mind and body and exercise both too of course. Yesterday at the Quay tap for lunch I was heartily regaled with stories of bird eating spiders (giant) in Gambia. They exist and I will be leaving the budgie at home and bringing the peregrine falcon to protect me when I depart on the 2nd.

My yoga this weekend has been more than challenging as red wine oozed from my pores and lapped about on the mat, but what a delightful feeling of inner happiness from completing most of the routines. A 2 hour session Monday night is next and then I may read the book I bought 5 years ago but got no further than a few pages. Should be more readable this time round.

Wind blusters and a blue sky excites a lovely day whilst sun rays dance to Verdi. The “60” in the title is the units of alcohol between 5pm Friday and 7pm tonight nearly all in wine from sundowners, lunch dinner and pub. Nearly all from partaking in great events with wonderful folk. Its also 10% more than my age which seems so irrelevant this year. Maybe I should increase my units of a as I age perhaps to a power factor: Must think about which as squaring ridiculous.

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