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Reflections on 8th November

Week that wasPosted by Fiona MacCarthy Sun, November 08, 2015 12:15:44

The musical part of the week started with a class on the “Sacred” form, which was as expected the least interesting part in the five classes to date. Sombre respectful just don’t ring bells with me with few exceptions such as Verdi’s requiem which I see as a final farewell rather than spiritual. Last class in the current series next Tuesday.

Then it was to a musical Jenufa by the Czech Janacek on wednesday and its easier to call it a musical although it is an opera. Telling folk that one is off to the Opera brings out the extremely over-knowledged rather than sanely knowledgeable. The former want you to know about them. The other extreme are the biased against opera. My interest is in pushing boundaries to my experiences and finding those forms of opera that appeal to my ear and sentiment. Jenufa was performed by Opera North in English with subtitles for the likes of me. It was a pacey vibrant script of love not returned twofold and of good intentioned meddling with cruel twists. I loved the music and the singing by the 100 year old tale as valid in story as life’s dramas today.

I failed to get to “Kiss me Kate” at Theatre royal last night preferring to sleep long in prospect of a busy week with 2 key appointments on the work front. I’m determined to avoid a repeat of the lengthy gap between assignments that I had earlier this year between May and June and which started in April. I am progressing well with an organisation called Next Steps Careers who offer career management advice. I badly need advice to avoid the cycle of gaps between contracts and aim to re-enter permanent work. The 3 sessions so far via skype have gone very well and am doing a video interview next Friday to be used to help market myself. In between on Tuesday I have an interview for an interim role to replace current role ending soon and which (the new one) might itself go permanent. My learnings to date with Next Steps will hopefully help me sell myself better. I am good at this selling malarkey but need to improve. Am determined to avoid coming 2nd. Im well aware of a bucket load of reasons why people might judge against me such as age gender but fundamentally it’s a desire by many recruiters compounded by agencies to look at prior role same job hamster repetition rather than skills set gained which can be applied. I need fresh minds who are prepared to see beyond the treadmill mindset.

Enjoyed somewhat the debate on poppy wearing and this is the first year in a decade I have not worn a poppy. Is it red white or a silent supporter of one of the many charities. I’ve listened and am peeved with the virulent “poppy police” of conformist group think mindset. I believe that both world wars arose out of rank stupidity of electorates and politicians and am saddened that we not much better now. We have scattered our bombs in Afghanistan and Iraq like confetti at a wedding and left failed states behind. We have a moral consistency that makes childhood fads seem like a credible philosophy. I think I understand why people volunteer to serve in our defence services and I have benefited from the protection proffered by the MoD when I lived in Kinshasa and units were stationed across the river in case required as Mobutu scrambled for his last flight out and my staff at work coloured in a map of the country which had fallen to the rebels. Surreal. They were not required and so it shows that not all soldiering is about kicking in doors in foreign wars. I have resolved my internal debate by signing up for a monthly donation the British Legion this morning but other than here don’t expect me to wave the flag because our politicians think its an endorsement of more of their stupidity and have hijacked the symbols of support for more of their sick purposes.

Spending time with good friends and catching up on their lives is an important part of my friendship and so over 5 hours was spent on Friday between Quay tap, Low Lights and Maggie. I perspired wine at Saturday yoga at 8 ha ha ouch

Double yoga this week but without the time warp - shame

Next week highlights are the Nutcracker at Theatre Royal (sat), Celtic Woman at Sage (wed) 2 work related meetings, an art lecture, and a music class. Must re-ignite weight loss programme which saw ¾ stone fade in spring and not re-emerge. More to be done before fattening season surfaces soon.

Nail art continues of course

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